About Swallowtail

Our Approach

Swallowtail is the preeminent Royalty and Mineral acquisition company in the Midland basin due to our ability to provide differentiated Value, Speed, and Certainty to our counterparties.

Our Story



Swallowtail was formed in 2017 with a focus on acquiring Mineral and Royalty interests in the Midland Basin. Swallowtail is led by a group of veteran oil and gas executives who partnered with Blackstone Energy Partners after a successful track record at public companies and private ventures focused in the Midland Basin. The leadership team is comprised of experienced deal makers with a deep technical knowledge of the Midland Basin and a history of best-in-class operations with many years of Permian experience stemming back to the earliest horizontal wells drilled.



In addition to our commercial expertise, Swallowtail has a full oil and gas technical staff that invests considerable time and resources into the evaluation of the subsurface potential for acquisitions. Within our refined focus areas we incorporate our horizontal development expertise and geologic, technical, and operational resources to deliver a differentiated, fully engineered, compelling offer to the Seller.



Since our founding, we have completed hundreds of transactions totaling hundreds of millions of dollars. We are highly experienced in Royalty and Mineral buying and have a streamlined process to underwrite, diligence, and negotiate definitive transactions on a timely basis.  In addition, we have experience structuring mineral acquisitions in tax efficient manners unique to individual sellers, and so we are equipped to work with you to structure this acquisition to your specific tax needs.



Swallowtail is the end buyer of Royalties and Minerals, and our bids are made from readily available funds with no financing contingency. Swallowtail’s substantial equity commitment comes from funds managed by Blackstone Energy Partners II L.P. (“BEP II”) and Blackstone Capital Partners VII (“BCP VII” and together with BEP II and each their affiliates, “Blackstone”) which together aggregate over ~$21 billion of capital.  Blackstone is one of the largest alternative asset managers in the world, with more than $434 billion in assets under management and is a leading global private equity firm and energy private equity franchise with deep experience in Royalty and Mineral investing.